Amazingly, Timmy Isn't Dead From Yesterday's Shopping

listening to: the new System of a Down CD, Mesmerize!
drinking: some wonked out juice Timmy made (i may die soon)
watching: retarded cartoons

goddamn i woke up late! what the bloody hell...

anyways..yesterday was somewhat fun. we first went to Adrienne's sisters house to watch some 2 hour special of CSI that Quentin Tarantino made. i never really cared for that show but it was pretty damn interesting. then we all (me, Adrienne's neice and nephew, and Timmy) went to her job to pick up the check. we actually drove all the way towards the boonies where i used to live to go to this one video game place called Rhino..fuck there was like over 50 games i wanted...if we stayed there any longer than a half hour, i would of stoled the whole store in my pockets. Timmy was starting to go crazy, banging his head against the glass cuz he couldn't buy a new GBA SP with $15..sorry kid there still like $80 or $70..

but once we were in Burger King he was pretty normal. he even bought his own dinner..amazed the crap out of me. then off to the mall we went and Timmy whined in Babbages cuz he still couldn't buy anything. actually he could but everytime i suggested something he'd throw a fit. and he started hopping up and down cuz he saw the new Link game, the one that hasn't came out yet. he started crying when i told him that..jeez i swear he needs to get a grip.

and there's one thing i will never forget what he said about Hot Topic...when we were in there looking for us to finally waste most of our money, he was moping somewhere in the back. i asked him what was wrong and he started whining even more and then he said something that just made me and Adrienne giggle...

::Timmy Quote!!:: This store is made for people to kill other people!!


no Timmy its not..or is it!!??? ::cackles menacing::

i did finally buy those two books i saw last time! Brian was overjoyed that i got yet another Kelley Armstrong book for him. but he's sad cuz he can't find the first one, Bitten. i could of sworn i kept seeing it around the two dressers in the momma's room. but i guess not...

i still haven't read the Vampire Hunter D book yet, but i flipped through it and it does have a few pictures in there, but its not like anime-ish looking. its just really beautifully done...i think i have a pic of the cover somewhere...

its not exactly the cover but close enough..i think its beautiful. i can't wait to get off of here to read it, i can hear it screaming from across the room and its amazingly louder than Serj Tankian and Daron Malakian at the moment. lol MY COCK IS MUCH BIGGER THAN YOURS! MY COCK CAN WALK RIGHT THROUGH THE DOOR!! WITH A FEELING SO PURE!! ITS GOT YOU SCREAMIN BACK FOR MORE!!!

goddamn i love those guys so much..sucks my mom saw them in concert...i still haven't...dammit mom!!!

when we got back here, we watched the movie Dead Birds..its kinda stupid but the faces of the little boy and girl and the mom really freaked me out..alot. and then we watched Adrienne's new Ren and Stimpy DVD thing. i miss that fucking show so much...but Timmy's happy now, he's going through all of those Yugioh cards he got now. we found some at Wal-Mart for him, plus a pack that was already opened up in the toy section. at least he's content and still not bitching about the GBA SP. what can i say, teaches ya to take it to school little man..

anyways i'm going away..must read precious....

also the fucking cast page is finally working, thanks to Adrienne for that! now i just need to put in some more pics, edit around. looks like my diary is coming together just nicely.

4:41 p.m. - Saturday, June 11, 2005


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